About Us

Sun Nation became an idea of Cary Chen many years ago, and with hard work and dedication it turned into reality in 1994. Cary grew up watching his father, who was an automotive technician in the 1950’s and 60’s, until he became a master mechanic himself. He started noticing the same problems on some parts so he decided to manufacture them on his own with a better quality and a lower price than the dealer would charge.

In an effort to continue to grow, Cary is always innovating, improving and designing new repair kits for parts to save customers money and to ensure keeping the status quo of having the highest standards of quality. 

Today, Sun Nation specializes in Motor Mounts, Ignition Coils, Door Handles, and Repair Kits. They provide a wide variety of parts for European, Japanese, and American cars, for newer and older models. With the headquarters in South Florida and warehouses in California and Southeast Asia, Sun Nation is family owned and operated and able to supply customers all around the globe.

(954) 321-6898